Is the Building and Construction an 'Essential Service' during COVID Lockdowns?

COVID-19 Feb 2021 Update

In response to the holiday Inn cluster outbreak, the State Government has declared that building is not an essential service this time, including regional areas.

We are taking time over the down tools to plan ways to make up production time as soon as construction is cleared to commence again. For nearly 12 months we have had strict COVID risk management in place and this will continue. We will continue to take instructions from Master Builders Victoria.

If you are concerned about how this will impact your timeline please speak to your site supervisor.

Stay safe and hopefully we will be back on site this week.


COVID-19 March Update

In response to the continuing evolution of the COVID-19 situation, as of Friday, March 23rd we have received confirmation from the Victorian State Government that the stage one restrictions announced by the Prime Minister  do not apply to  essential activities, which includes construction sites, where it is necessary for their normal operation. However, strict social distancing and hygiene practices are required in these settings. 

We have developed an implementation plan and WHS protocols to not only protect the health of our staff, clients, suppliers and contractors, but also to ensure that we continue to deliver for our clients.

Construction is still in full production

The Langdon Building family are focused on creating a safe and healthy work environment for clients, office staff and construction teams. We’ve taken steps to ensure that all of our construction sites are safe according to strict industry guidelines from the Housing Industry Association (HIA), and we’re continuing to work with our trade and administration teams to improve safety measures and meet the ever-changing government regulations.