7 Benefits of indoor plants in the home office


From less stress and improved air quality to increased productivity and happiness, there are plenty of reasons to add a pop of greenery to your home office.

Working from home has a lot of perks, including shorter commute times and flexible hours. But while a home office lets you work in your uggs, it can also leave you feeling a bit boxed in. If your workspace is starting to feel a little lacklustre, try adding some lush indoor plants to not only brighten your day but provide a range of other health benefits, too.

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1. Heightened concentration and productivity

Struggling to stay focused? Adding a couple of indoor plants to your workspace may give you the boost you’re looking for. According to this study by the University of Exeter, adding plants to an otherwise minimal office can increase perceived workplace satisfaction, concentration and productivity by 15%.

2. Indoor plants improve air quality

We know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen—the direct opposite of humans—but they also remove toxic chemicals from the air, including benzene, formaldehyde and other fumes from urban smog. It’s true: NASA released this study proving that plants are great for indoor air purification. Plus, they look nice, too.

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3. Lower stress

Thanks to their calming hues and natural vibes, plants can help lower stress and help us feel more relaxed. Taking a 20-minute break with a walk outside, or even just looking at a garden, can help reduce stress and calm the mind. But if you can’t get out, then bring nature in with a potted indoor plant or two to keep you calm.

4. Increased happiness

With improved air quality, lower stress and heightened perceptions of productivity comes an increase in happiness. Being connected to nature through indoor plants is proven to make us feel more relaxed and boost mood, so pop down to Bunnings and pick up something leafy for an extra dose of joy in your day.

5. New friends!

Bored? Feeling like a chat? This Royal Horticultural Society study shows that plants thrive when you sing or talk to them (seriously!) so go ahead and have a good old gossip around the watercooler with your new colleague Fern. She’s a great listener!

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6. Attractive workspace

Brighten your office décor with a splash of green and a stylish pot. It’s not just for looks, either: adding plants to your home office can boost humidity and increase your comfort, so it’s even more attractive to stay in.

7. Less sick days

Thanks to their air purifying and stress relief qualities, plants can help reduce illness by reducing bacteria. Plus, plant-associated bacteria could even be good for you, with beneficial bacteria found in soil helping to balance the ecology of a synthetic office environment. Win-win!