What is a My Home Office

Do you love the work from home life? A break from commuting and achieving work-life balance for the first time in your career. However, COVID restrictions may have you working from the kitchen table. But at least restrictions have shown that we all don’t have to spend five days per week in the office.

That is why Langdon Building has developed the MyHomeOffice. A purpose-built, versatile room for the whole family. We can customise your space to suit your needs with in-built speakers, built-in desks, intelligent storage options, soundproofing, cable systems and extra data and power points.

Build your home office, your way.

My Home Office

My Home Office Ideas

Study Nook

Luxury office

Creating a shared space? A study nook gives you the flexibility to set up your office for both work and play. Design it with a fitted desk, bookshelves and drawers in mind to transform your office into a productive space.

Home Office

Home office

Your home office should make getting your work done easier than ever. Consider adding soundproofing to minimise distractions and plan your office with plenty of natural and artificial lighting away from the living areas.

Luxury Office

Study nook

Your dream work environment with a space that doubles for work and relaxation. Clever storage and smart home features like adjustable lighting and in-built speakers. Transition from work-to-relax with just the press of a button.


My Home Office_Power Point_1200x800

Future-proof your home with pop-up power points, USB charging and extra data points so that you stay charged and connected during a busy day. Consider including built-in speakers for a workspace that is truly your own. Officeworks has a range of cable organisers to keep things tidy.


Desk lighting

Keep it light and easy with smart home features. Use smart globes to turn lights on, off or change the colour with your smart device, and consider using LED strip lighting under cabinets to brighten dark spaces. Come and see Inspired Selection Studio for ideas.


Office storage

Keep distractions to a minimum with ample storage and hidden cables. If you’re creating a multi-use space, storage will help you to pack away work at the end of the day and unwind with a video game or book. Simple shelving from Ikea or custom joinery installed during the construction of your new home.

Office Plants

Plant office

When you’re stuck inside all day, it’s nice to bring the outside in. Hanging plants and decorative potted greens can brighten up an office, encourage productivity and look great in the background of Zoom meetings. Plants provide a natural filter for cleaner air.

Heating & Cooling

Braemar heating and cooling

Stay hot in the zone and cool, calm and collected with temperature control throughout the house. Braemar Heating and cooling come standard in all of our designer range homes, which means you’ll stay comfortable while working from home.

Space for Printers

Office printers

Printers and office equipment can be really ugly to look at! While planning your home office, consider integrating them into your design so that they can be hidden, yet accessible to power points (and paper jams!). Find the best printer to suit your space at JBKogan or even Ebay.

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Home Office FAQ

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