Our innovative MyRoom has endless opportunities to make your home uniquely yours. It’s both fully heated and cooled with a slide-away door, making it an indoor/outdoor space that can be anything you need it to be. Here are nine great ideas for making MyRoom your room.

What is the MyRoom?

Langdon’s MyRoom is a huge indoor/outdoor space that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. We’ve included floor coverings, heating, cooling, and a slide-away door that tucks into a specialised cavity for a truly alfresco vibe. We can customise your MyRoom to be anything you need it to be—the only limit is your imagination.

Pool Table
Home Gym Weights

1. This is going straight to the Pool Room

The MyRoom is large enough to fit a recreational pool table, lounge and bar to make your Pool Room the place to unwind year-round. Plus, you can quote The Castle any time you like.

2. Home Gym

Create the Home Gym of your dreams with an inviting space that keeps you cool while you work hard. Customise your space with inbuilt speakers and a wall-mounted TV for home workouts you’ll actually do.

Entertaining Table Cake
Father Son Play Cars

3. Entertaining Space

Create the ultimate home entertaining space, where you can bring the outdoors in! The perfect space to dine in winter when using the MyRoom as a sunroom. You won’t want to entertain anywhere else!

4. Play Room

Sick of kids’ toys strewn around the house? Give them a room all for themselves and let them learn and play to their heart’s content. And with the slide-away door, you can get them outside playing in the fresh air instead of glued to a screen.

Home Library Books
Family Crafts

5. Home Library

Find the perfect way to unwind with a good book in your home library. Create a dreamy space to get lost in a world of literature with a cosy armchair, shelves to display books and knick-knacks, and built-in speakers for afternoon ambience.

6. Craft Room

Everyone needs a creative space. Whether that’s a sewing room or somewhere to sketch and paint, we’ve got you covered. Easy clean tiles mean you can be as wild and free as you need to be, and customised lighting lets you work into the quieter hours of the night.

Lady Yoga Home
Home Cinema Popcorn

7. Yoga Retreat

Whether you’re a budding yogi or a mindful meditator, you can find your zen in a yoga retreat built just for you. Slide open the doors to be one with nature, or jump on board a Zoom class with a wall-mounted TV and inbuilt speakers. All you need is a couple of floor cushions and a yoga mat to stretch, breathe and unwind.

8. Home Cinema

Is there anything better than a movie night with popcorn and a family-sized packet of Malteasers? Deck your luxe home cinema with reclining armchairs, a huge flat screen and maybe even a microwave to make sure you’ve got the goods on hand at all times.

MyRoom Outdoor Space

9. I’ll take the lot!

Can’t decide? The beauty of the MyRoom is that it can be anything you want it to be, which means it can be a home gym, yoga retreat and playroom with some clever storage ideas. Find something that suits the whole family, because it’s truly ‘our’ room!

Visit one of our display homes to experience the MyRoom in person.

See the MyRoom showcased on display in the Imagine 32

Imagine 32 Showcase