Hebel: What is it and why you should consider it for your next build.


Hebel is a strong and lightweight masonry product, that delivers an extensive range of benefits to the homeowner.

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What is Hebel?

Hebel is made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). It is a strong, high quality product that is the combination of sand, cement, lime, gypsum, water and an expansion agent.

Hebel products are designed by CSR Building, are quick and easy to install and come with a long list of benefits.

How does Hebel compare to rendered brick?

Whilst bricks have been the first pick for years in construction, many are now turning to Hebel as an alternative.

Hebel is just as solid as traditional bricks, with steel reinforcement for maximum strength and durability. As compared to rendered bricks, Hebel is faster to construct, has a higher tolerance to cracking, and in general is more cost effective.

What are the benefits?

Other than being a durable Australian product, there are great incentives for a home owner to consider using Hebel over bricks. You can significantly reduce your build timeline, lower your energy bills, comply to the highest of bushfire attack levels and get creative with your home design!

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Reduced time frames.

Since the COVID pandemic, the construction industry has been hit hard with supply issues and delays. Hebel can reduce the overall build timeline as it is lightweight and much faster to install than traditional brick. 

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Eco Friendly.

Hebel uses less energy, produces fewer greenhouse gases and has a lower environmental impact. With household expenses on the increase, building a home that is sustainable helps not only the environment but also your hip-pocket.

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Bushfire and termite resistant.

Hebel is both termite and bushfire resistant. It is perfect to consider if you are building in an area requiring a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). Hebel products meet or exceed all BAL categories, providing reassurance in your new home. 

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Increased architectural scope.

Langdon highly regards Hebel’s level of innovation and flexibility to design. With expansive shapes and profiles plus an extended range of colours, your design choices are endless. Let your personal tastes shine and create a home tailored to you.

Is Hebel cost effective?

Due to faster installation times Hebel as apposed to rendered brick, is a more cost effective approach. Enquire today to find out just how much you can save by choosing to build with Hebel.

Hebel now available with Langdon!

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