My Home Office: The best way to work from home


If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that home is more than where the heart is. It’s our sanctuary, our safe space, and even our workplace.

The ‘New Normal’

In these unprecedented times, working from home has become essential for many families—especially those working in regional areas with city jobs. But a silver lining from the pandemic is the flexibility to continue working from Home as the new normal, even when all of this is long behind us.

Finding your ideal work-life balance

You’ve probably found that splitting your time between working from home and going into the office has shifted your work-life balance. The luxury to work from home means taking a bike ride in the early afternoon with the kids instead of feeling stuck in a long commute; or making it on time to dinner parties with friends for a midweek catch up.

But carving out a nook in the bedroom or claiming the kitchen bench is a short-term solution, especially if you’re home schooling the kids! In a perfect world, you’d have a separate space that doubles as a home office and rumpus, so you can enjoy it even when you’re not “at work”.

My Home Office

Is it a home? Is it your office? It’s my home office!

Introducing the Langdon MyHomeOffice, a purpose-built, multi-use space for the whole family. Every inch of your home should be your sanctuary, and your home office is no different. That’s why at Langdon, we’ve created a versatile space that can be customised to suit your family’s needs.

Just imagine sitting down for your morning Zoom meeting with a wall-mounted TV and in-built speakers, and unwinding in the afternoon (or your lunch break!) with Netflix or a video game. With our purpose-built room, it can be anything you want it to be, any time of the day.

Imagine how much easier homeschooling would be with a dedicated space for lessons without too many homely distractions. With clever storage solutions, you can pack away the schoolroom and transform the space back into your office, games room or rumpus with the soft close of a cabinet door.

If there’s one thing to be thankful for this year, it’s realising that working from home and having a better work-life balance has never been more accessible.

My Home Office

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