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We have been able to acquire land in some of the most popular and fast-growing estates. Our land listings are often titled or titling within 12 months.
Of course, we can help match the perfect house for your land choice. Enquire below or download the lastest listing document.

Ballarat Land for Sale

Unit 1, Lot 142 Flewin Avenue, Miners Rest ArranmoreP.O.A.13 x 16.14301.74m2Subdivision in Progress
Unit 2, Lot 142 Flewin Avenue, Miners Rest Arranmore UNDER OFFER18.98 x 16303.68m2Subdivision in Progress
Lot 1642 Overall Place, LucasLucasON HOLD14 x 28392m2Third Quarter 2020

Bendigo Land for Sale

 Lot 285 Whirrakee Parade, HuntlyViewpointP.O.A.
Lot 285 Whirrakee Parade, HuntlyViewpointP.O.A.
Lot 362 Fitzgerald Road, HuntlyViewpointP.O.A.

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*Contracts signed before June 30 2020. Terms and Conditions: Contract for Sale available. Design Guideline are available. Prices are subject to change without notice and are inclusive of GST. Dates for titles are estimated only and are subject to change. Langdon Building PTY LTD accepts no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions occurring in or from this land for sale list. CDB - U 50305